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Spartan Polymers is unique in the market, through customer partnership, we’re able to custom design resins to meet customer cost and performance criteria.

Enhance Solutions

Spartan’s Enhance Solutions work on a polyolefin platform. Our unique technology allows us to modify the physical properties of resins that are based on Ziegler Natta and Metallocene polyolefins. With Enhance, you can combine the best properties of PE and PP without worrying about compatibility or recycling issues. 

Our technology allows for the impact modification of rigid parts without loss in modulus. Similarly, Enhance can manipulate physicals in 3-layer film technology to mimic physicals of 5- and 7-layer blown film to produce completely recyclable products. From clear totes and bins to bone-in food packaging, Spartan Enhance is the solution to your formulation challenges.


Our Process

Spartan Polymers is unique in the market, as we’re able to custom design resins to meet your cost and performance criteria. When we start working on a new project, we assemble an Enhance Solution made from our proprietary technology and common resins that the customer carries. 

In our fully equipped process development laboratory, we prototype and test our solutions in the form of a multilayer film, injection-molded product, and/or specialty compounds on our twin-screw lab line. 

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