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About Us

Spartan Polymers offers a seasoned set of experienced individuals with over 300 years of experience in plastics and application development. All specializing in Polyolefins, TPO, Plastomer, and compounded products.


Spartan Polymers Inc. was founded in 2001 with a focus on distributing commodity and specialty polymers. To meet growing demand, we added a fully functional analytical and process lab, and as feed streams, markets, and applications became more complex, we built a compounding and blending facility in 2011 to exceed the rising expectations of our suppliers and customers.


Today, compounding and blending play an integral role in the unique solutions we provide. In 2018, to support a consistently growing demand, we added another 40 million pounds of compounding assets. Today, we have 70 million lbs. of manufacturing, blending, and operating capacity to support our growing customer base.


Over nearly two decades, we have evolved into a dedicated team of talented individuals who provide tailor-made, cost-effective solutions for challenging customer applications.

Meet The Leaders

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