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Technical Center

The Spartan Technical Center plays a key role in our operation and allows us to create innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers.
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Process Lab

  • 25 Ton Injection Molding

  • 5 Layer Blown Film Line

  • 27 mm Twin Screw Compounder


Rigid Part Testing

  • Flex Modulus

  • Gardner Impact

  • Notched Izod

  • Melt Flow

  • Tensile

Analytical and Testing Lab

  • DSC

  • Microscopy



Flexible Film Testing

  • Tensile & Elongation

  • Secant

  • Dart Impact

  • Elmendorf Tear

  • Total Energy Puncture

  • Heat Seal and Hot Tack


Let's Work Together

No matter what kind of polyolefins your business needs, we’re ready to work with you to create cost-effective and innovative solutions.

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